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Both of my children have been so happy at Merry Go Round. My eldest is now in reception at Manby Lodge and settled in so nicely after being at MGR. My two year old son just started last year and runs in every morning without hesitation! He always enjoys the varied activities and toys they provide and engages well with all the lovely staff. Would highly recommend the nursery to others. Thank you!

Laura - July 2016

Merry Go Round is a nurturing family-run preschool that provides a safe and stimulating environment for our children to learn and grow. Both my sons have loved their time at Mgr, and the children enjoy the wide range of activities and imaginative learning opportunities on offer. Their time here is a great foundation for starting at school. The staff are wonderfully caring and kind, and it really does feel like we're part of one big family

Helen - July 2016

Merry go Round is a wonderful preschool with lovely staff who have made both my daughter and now my son very welcome. The children come out smiling every day having been kept very busy with a fantastic range of toys, books, arts and crafts. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and strongly urge you to arrange a visit if you are looking for 'family feel' preschool.

Alison - July 2016

My son Alex was extremely happy during the time he spent at Merry-go-round nursery. He learnt a lot through play, and as he got older, developed his basic writing skills. I liked how friendly and attentive the staff were, giving me feedback at the end of the sessions.  There was a really friendly atmosphere and there was never a day when Alex did not want to go. I loved the sports day, as did all the children, and Christmas and Easter were always very special there.

The room is very spacious, allowing the children room to play in the different areas set up by the staff. It was very well organised, with a wide variety of toys for them to play with.

I could highly recommend Merry-go-round…both Alex and I were sad when he had to leave to go to school!!

Chris and Sarah

Since starting at Merry Go Round nursery school in September this year, my son has settled quickly. He has lots of attention from his teachers, and I get lots of feedback on how he is getting on. He enjoys activities both indoors and outdoors, and the nursery have introduced 'themed' weeks throughout the whole term to encourage focused learning and fun for the kids.



Quote from a little person " I need to get ready for nursery.. I want to go to Nursery today!!!" She only goes 2 days at the moment but says this EVERY morning!! Both of my children have been very happy here!! Fantastic, friendly environment with great activities!

Sam - July 2016